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As a female in the whisky community I feel like we really need more female voices out there, so I decided to become one of them. I am certainly no whisky connoisseur, but I enjoy drinking whisky, learning more about the process, whisky making, maturation and continuing discovering new nosing and tasting notes every time I open a bottle and pour myself a glass.

Being part of the whisky community has really enriched my life in so many ways. As a disabled female whisky drinker in a world of obstacles, I have come to discover that the whisky community with all its individuals in every nook and cranny of the world are some of the warmest, caring, most generous and including people I have had the honour of getting to know. Hence the name of this blog, Freedom & Whisky, because being a part of the whisky community has granted me freedom in ways I did not know possible.

So here is a call to arms to all of you quirky, non standard whisky drinkers.
Let’s pour ourselves a dram and discuss this intriguing topic together.

Independent whisky blog with an open mind and an honest opinion about anything whisky related.

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