Niflheim is the first release limited edition whisky from Bivrost and I own a couple of the 800 (1622 in total) bottles that were released to the Norwegian market back in May. Not only is it triple distilled under the breathtaking northern lights, but it also contains purified melted glacier water combined with wash from a local brewery. Regarding casks, it is started in virgin oak casks before it was transferred into first-fill bourbon casks and finished in ex-oloroso sherry casks.

Let’s talk about the nose. This is a young whisky, and I can definitely pick up a soft hint of new make, something reminding me of the wine my parents used to make at home when I was a child – I’m guessing this is the yeast, oak, and pencil shavings. It is quite fruity, like tropical fruits, and I am also finding raisins and honey notes.

Because it is young, the alcohol prickles a little on the palate and I am still picking up traces of the new make, but it quickly mellows down and turns light, and fruity. It is definitely on the sweeter side, and I am getting a bit of vanilla, caramel, and lightly spiced malt. I am definitely tasting the pilsener malt, leaving behind a very familiar and nice taste of beer on the palate.

Niflheim is only a mere three years old, which is detectable on both nose and palate throughout the experience. Personally, I perceive the finish as quite short, which is to be expected in a youngster like this, but it is still an enjoyable dram I will be reaching for again.

ABV: 46 %
Country: Norway

Aurora Spirit is situated in the Lyngen Alps at 69 degrees north and is the northernmost distillery in the world. Their whisky and other alcohol products are bottled under the name Bivrost, which comes from Norse mythology and is the name of the bridge reaching between Midgard (where men lived) and Asgard (the realm of the Gods).