I honestly had no idea what to expect from this whiskey, but I might as well admit to being a little bit scared by the description. I was raised living by  a Norwegian fjord, but maritime life has never been for me and the smell of rotting seaweed is not something I associate with positivity. Let me tell you, this whiskey surprised me real good. I did not expect the sweet, fruity aromas greeting me from the glass, nor did I expect the fond memories of childhood summers instantly popping into my head.

The Currach Single Malt is true summery happiness in a bottle, and it takes me straight back up north. Home. Nosing this whiskey is like drifting away into a warm summer day when the sun has warmed up the ground, stones and surrounding vegetation, waves are softly washing up against the shore, the sun is gleaming in the water and seagulls are squawking overhead. I can hear boats in the distance, fishing boats, and the scent of motor oils, tar and wood polish is what hits me first. I am getting a very brief medicinal scent, which I can’t really describe, but it seems a little out of place in away? More of that herbaceous, maritime vegetation like moss, heather, fresh seaweed, algae maybe, becomes apparent. I am also picking up a delicious leathery scent, polished leather.

I am having a hard time describing the taste, because where I expected a more salty, maritime whiskey, I am getting overly ripe fruits, like almost fermenting Golden Delicious apples. I am also getting caramel, the more bitter kind, like burnt sugar, treacle and vanilla. It is on the sweeter side, with an excellent balance of bitterness, making it just perfect and very drinkable. A whiff of something resembling dark plums or even prunes comes through towards the end. There is not much to say about the finish really, it’s leaves a nice oily coating and lingering taste. Very pleasant indeed. The very last sip reveals the charring of the cask to me. A perfect ending.

Currach Single Malt put a much needed smile on my face tonight, and I already know it will continue doing so until the bottle is finished. As stated in this review this is the regular bottling with an ABV of 46 %, but I am very, very happy to also own a bottle of Currach Founder Cask, the cask strength edition bottled at 60 %.

Atlantic Kombu Seaweed Cask
ABV: 46 %
Country: Ireland

Currach Single Malt was matured in ex-bourbon casks, the first whiskey to be finished in seaweed charred (virgin oak) casks, and is from Origin Spirits.