I was very excited when asked if I wanted to have a taste of Eiktyrne Quadruple Batch II. It is a double distilled single malt whiskey that has seen the inside of four different casks, hence quadruple, being American Virgin Oak (225 litres), Bloodtub Oloroso (40 litres), Brandy (300 litres) and Jerez De La Frontera PX (500 litres). It will be available at Vinmonopolet from November 6th.

The first note I am picking up is vanilla, which is a little out of the ordinary for me. Behind the vanilla I find a green, herbaceous note reminding me of tea tree oil maybe? It might very well be a wood note I honestly cannot quite put my finger on it. I am getting almonds, a whiff of coconut, then dried fruits, raisins and plums. When the glass has been left empty for a while, I am getting a quite sharp honey note, mixed with a rather strong PX influence.

I find this whisky smooth and warming, with complexity. The first note to hit my tongue is the malt, and I like it a lot. It is quickly followed by dried fruits, especially plums, although I would not personally call this a fruity whisky. The vanilla is also present on the palate, as well as the already mentioned coconut, and I am also getting a citrusy note, possibly oranges, before it coats my mouth with a soft toffee note.

I appreciate the finish on Eiktyrne Quadruple Batch II. It is long, it is complex, and the malty notes linger on my tongue for quite some time. The dried fruit notes are brief, but the delicious toffee notes leave a smile on my face, and the experience ends with a tiny sprinkle of spice. Even though the ABV is rather high in this youngster of a whisky, the alcohol is not dominating it, and I find it to be an enjoyable dram.

ABV: 52.5 %
Country: Norway

Det norske brenneri bottled the first Norwegian single malt whisky, “Audny” (meaning hope), back in 2012, named after a sailing ship that sailed from Sørlandet at the end of the 19th century. The skipper was Aanon Peersen, grandfather of distiller Ole Puntervold, and the history is carried forward by master blender Jon Berthelsen.


A huge thanks to Det norske brenneri for kindly sending me this sample.
Tasting notes and opinions about this release are strictly my own.