The Quick Brown Fox is a beautiful collaboration between James J. Fox in Dublin and J. J. Corry. It is a six-year-old single malt matured in ex-Bourbon barrels before matured separately in Amontillado and Oloroso casks sourced directly from Montilla and Jerez by Louise Mc Guane. The two were then married into this masterpiece.

I could nose this whiskey for hours and hours. I am unsure how to explain it, but it feels so juicy on the nose. I am picking up various red fruits, like cherries and apples, particularly red apples, slightly toasted caramel and vanilla. After a few minutes in the glass, the vanilla appears to be getting creamier. I am also getting a slight bitterness, which might be the wood coming through, which suits this whiskey well. The cherry on top, for me at least, is that gorgeous tobacco note that comes in towards the end and lures me in for another sip.

It has a nice long finish jampacked with those already mentioned red fruits, some tannins and a slightly meaty note at the end. When nosing the empty glass, I am almost overwhelmed by notes of honey, malt, and cherries.

Usually, I choose a whiskey with a lower abv when I want to sit down and enjoy a dram. At least the first one I pour. Despite its 50 % abv, it’s very easily drinkable and requires no water (a statement I will stand behind until I die). The Quick Brown Fox is juicy, succulent, and a very nicely balanced dram. I would even go as far as describing it as “salivating”, unlike many other sherry-matured whiskies that tend to be drier.

I brought bottle no. 149 home from Dublin; as you can see from my review, I am thrilled that I did. Unfortunately, this release was limited to 180 individually signed bottles and sold out while I finished this review. I am not surprised.

Photo: James J. Fox