“Kilmory Edition” is the first core range expression and the flagship single malt from Lagg Distillery, located on the Isle of Arran. Furthermore, Kilmory is the parish where the village of Lagg is located. It is 100% matured in ex-bourbon casks and will be available for purchase through Vinmonopolet this week.

It is fresh, clean and slightly sweet like the rising birch sap in the spring, a little bit spicy – like pepper and some wood spice – pine needles, a little earthy – like pulling fresh green vegetables out of the soil – and a gentle touch of smoke.

Now, before anyone jumps at my throat, I know this is a heavily peated whisky. My relationship with peat is somewhat… mysterious and puzzling, as I don’t find Lagavulin peated at all, while Laphroigh sends me to the ER with charred lungs (calm down, I’m exaggerating to make a point). 

It is evident that this is a young whisky without being negative. On the palate, I am getting more of that smoke mentioned, a yeast note reminding me of rising dough, and black pepper. The texture is interesting as it feels soft and smooth on my tongue, almost oily without actually being that oily, with a slight yet pleasant bitterness. It is well-balanced. The alcohol is not too prominent, which tends to be a problem with younger whiskies, and all in all, it is a nice dram.

I wish the finish had been longer because it disappears quickly, but the already-mentioned texture lingers a bit. I am getting notes of vanilla, spearmint, bread – which I think is the note I chose to call yeasty earlier – apricots, and a light dusting of ashes before it bids farewell. It also leaves a sticky feeling on my lips, which I appreciate.

Would I buy a bottle? I do not see why not. It is a young whisky showing great potential, but you should not let its age turn you off. It is easy to drink, enjoyable, and a nice introduction to peated whiskies. I hope to revisit it in a few years to see how it has evolved.

First-fill bourbon barrels
ABV: 46%
Country: Scotland

Tasting notes and opinions about this release are strictly my own.