Roe & Co. Curator Series 01

 I recently went to Dublin to attend Whiskey Live Dublin, which I will cover in another post. While in Dublin, I decided it would be fun to visit another of the newer distilleries, and Roe & Co. was on top of my list.

I might not be a whiskey newbie, but I do enjoy taking the tour on offer from the distillery, and Roe & Co. was no exception. They offered two different options; the blending experience (€30) and the flavours experience, and I chose the blending experience as I am more interested in the whiskey than I am in cocktails.

The blending experience took place in Room 106, a room that tells the story of how Roe & Co.’s famous whiskey blend 106 came into fruition, and Shane was our fabulous guide. We learnt about their distilling, maturation and blending before we got to taste some of their expressions and finally blend and build our own Old Fashion cocktail. Such a fun and different experience!

After the blending experience, we got a complimentary cocktail in their distillery bar, where I got to switch my cocktail for some whiskey and then it was time to venture down to the distillery shop. I am a real sucker for glassware and purchased a couple of branded whiskey glasses.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting distiller Lora Hemy; she made my year! She took me by surprise by telling me that she knew who I was from my blog and presented me with a gift: a bottle of the Curator Series 01, a gold award winner in the Irish Whiskey Masters 2019. Be sure to stay tuned for a review!

Thank you so much for the excellent experience, the warm welcome to Roe & Co. and the whiskey, Wayne and Lora! I will be smiling every time I enjoy a dram from my Curator Series (and there might just be a bottle of 02 on route to Norway as I am typing this).

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